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#2 Win Traders in Season 9 and Beyond

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 07.08.2018 08:42AM
To address a few of the questions in the thread:
  • We use a variety of data points to verify players who are win trading, backfilling, etc. We check data against numerous known forms of "cheating" players can use in Ranked.
  • We do not suspend or action anyone based only on player reports. Even if a player has a large number of reports, this does not impact whether we take action or not, all players are verified through data.
  • If someone feels they were incorrectly actioned, they should follow the instructions in the message they received.
  • If you feel players were missed, as always please be sure to report them in-game and/or privately to Keith or myself.
  • We have been taking action starting this morning and through maintenance, the leaderboard is likely not a proper reflection of current ratings (but should be later today).
  • We have always taken action against folks who cheat in Ranked. However, the action we were taking previously wasn't doing a good enough job of curbing that behavior. That is why we are ramping up the action we are taking.

Thanks everyone.

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