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#3 Win Traders in Season 9 and Beyond

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 07.08.2018 08:58AM
Originally Posted by DarthWoad View Post
This has to be a joke right? You literally just posted this:
Let me try to clear this up.

  • Player 1 has received 0 reports against them but we can verify in data they are cheating. They will receive action.
  • Player 2 has received 500 reports against them but when looking at data it is clear they playing legitimately. No action is taken against them.
  • Player 3 has received 500 reports against them and we can verify these reports are accurate. The player is cheating and will receive action against them.
Player reports help us insure we are investigating all possible instances of cheating, beyond what we are already looking at via data. Player reports help us investigate possible cheating. It does not dictate the action we take.

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