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Worldboss conquest objectives

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 04.12.2020 04:33PM
Originally Posted by Darittha View Post
So i wanna say i was happy when i saw Lucky for the first time among cq objectives because out of all wbs he was really forgettable especially given it was on Corellia and also wasnt among Priority Targets quest kills

That being said i despise having only Lucky and Snowblind worldbosses among conquest objectives literally every single week. It never changes, every week no matter which conquest will be running theres always Lucky and Snowblind worldboss objectives there.

Can we get some change here please? I mean would it be so hard to put all other worldbosses into the mix? And maybe throw in Grim Tooth among the cq objectives from Makeb too since thats almost-worldboss anyway.
Hi Darittha. Thanks for bringing this up. The team took a look into this and a fix will be implemented in 6.2.1. Once the fix is in, these two particular World Boss Conquest Objectives will only be available during the Emergency Operations Conquest, The Dread War Conquest, or if the Feast of Prosperity seasonal event is active.
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