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#3 Another Challenger Enters the Fray

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 04.12.2020 04:05PM
Page 3!

Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
Welcome Jackie!
Thank you!

Originally Posted by ruffolofi View Post

Thank you very much! I also enjoy stories that tug at the heart and emotions.

Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Welcome Jackie 😊
Hello and thank you!

Originally Posted by Beyrahl View Post

Could you possibly explain a bit better what you will be doing?
Thank you! This is a pretty loaded question. What I mean by bridging the community and the dev team is to improve communication where possible, being active in the forums, and essentially being an advocate for both voices, community and dev team. What that looks like? Thats what Im going to be feeling out. What does the community resonate with, where are places that need attention etc So Im going to be trying out different things and Im pretty sure Ill be receiving feedback on every step haha. I hope that gives a little more insight into what I want to do here.

Originally Posted by ThedestroyerofW View Post
Welcome and what allegiances does your heart lye with
Hello! Im going to be completely honest, it really depends on my mood for the day. =D

Originally Posted by OlBuzzard View Post
*** First of all ... welcome aboard !! Always good to be able to interact with another part of the team !!
Nice to meet you! Im definitely looking to engaging as many people as possible to truly understand the community. Appreciate your on the nose approach!

Originally Posted by Suzsi View Post
2 favourites really.

Usually I want to be hit in the feels with everything working out in the end!

Yeeeees. All the feelings!

Originally Posted by ImmortalLowlife View Post
Welcome to the team Jackie!
Thank you! And that is a beautiful memory!

Originally Posted by Nmyownworld View Post
Welcome Jackie Ko!

In 2012, I was a new player on my first character, doing my first GF Flashpoint.
I love this so much. Helping others learn so more people can experience something together is such a top tier feeling for me. Im so happy to read that this was your experience.

Originally Posted by MishraArtificer View Post
The moment I finally hit Valor rank 60 on my Vanguard, so I could wear the crafted Battlemaster shells my own Armormech had made for him. Now, nearly his entire squad is in old PvP gear, or otherwise has old PvP weapons. (I'd put a link in here, but it seems things in the forums have changed since I regularly posted here a few years ago; I can't embed the link in my post, for some reason. I'll post the Imgur link, if you want to see them.)
Ah, feel free to post! Im curious! Thank you for sharing.
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