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#3 December In-Game Event Schedule

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 04.12.2020 12:28PM
Originally Posted by ceryxp View Post
Are we going to get back to a regularly rotating schedule of Conquest events or are we going to continue with this repeating of events more often that others and never knowing when Conquest events are going to occur?
Very fair question, which I have talked over with the team. With regards to why Pirate Incursion is occurring twice this month while Gree and Bounty Contract Week are not happening, it's because we wanted to highlight our newer events more around the general holiday window.

For us Conquests can fall into two categories - ones tied to specific in-game events (EX. Pirate Incursion) and ones that are standalone (EX. Flashpoint Havoc). The in-game event schedule is something the team has more of a manual touch on, meanwhile the Conquests that fall between the in-game events are randomly determined. While it's easy for us to pull up the in-game event schedule to communicate it broadly at the beginning of every month, that really isn't the case for the non-event Conquests, which is why we never folded those in to the outward facing article/page updates.

We really appreciate the constructive feedback around around certain in-game events appearing more than others and we'll take this into account as we look into potential changes next year.

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