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#4 Another Challenger Enters the Fray

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 04.12.2020 01:24PM
Page 2!

Originally Posted by SteveTheCynic View Post
My positive memories have appeared on other threads on this subject, including:
Thats awesome. Multiple good memories like these are always wonderful to have.

Originally Posted by rebbieforever View Post
Welcome to SWTOR community
Thank you!

Originally Posted by JediJoy View Post
Welcome Jackie to the Fam!

Most memorable moment in game was meeting the love of my life and my three best friends.

I love these experiences so much! Im looking forward to learning more about the community here. And thank you for the suggestion on the crafting posts. Will definitely check them out.

Originally Posted by ElZaguero View Post
One good example of this -
The CLASS forums, under Guardian/Juggernaut, the top post relates to a guide for game version 3.0 and was made sticky in 2014. The guide it was for has long since been removed. The last meaningful post is from 2015, though there are a couple from last year just asking why it's still stickied.
Thank you for the example!

Originally Posted by Darthjantom View Post
Welcome JackieKo^^
I am now co-running the guild that I got ninja invited to 3 years ago.
Hello and thank you! Its awesome read about where you were before and how it compares to where you are now. And you have backstories! I love that.

Originally Posted by Galandro View Post
Welcome! It's exciting to see the team go and I look forward to what is to come!
Hellooooo! Thank you so much. Im looking forward to everything as well.

Originally Posted by DarthPrimus View Post
Welcome to the community, Jackie!

I'm glad to see things are picking up enough to bring in new team members, and hope you find your niche' here as the others have!
Thank you for the welcome! Im sure I will manage to find a home within a home within a home in no time. Happy holidays to you too!

Originally Posted by DreadtechSavant View Post
Just to add my best wishes and welcome message to the rest posted here in the thread.
Hello and thank you!

Originally Posted by Zechalakazam View Post
Welcome to the team Jackie!

Best of luck managing this forum.

(Btw, is this a good sign that Bioware/EA will expand SWTOR team?)
Thank you! I will be giving my absolute best =D I cant speak to your question as I only know my own position, but I am incredibly happy to be here.

Originally Posted by iowaboynca View Post
Thank you so much! That is also a nice memory/feeling to hold on to =D
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