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PTS on Steam missing!

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 08.01.2021 05:15PM
Hey folks,

Yup, apologies for any confusion for our Steam users. Currently, you will not be able to access 6.2.1 on PTS. We removed PTS functionality as part of our update to direct patching on Steam. We are working to get PTS available for you as soon as possible but in this case 6.2.1 was ready faster than our Steam functionality was. We didn't want to hold up testing while we continue to work on it.

To set some expectations, it is possible that 6.2.1's PTS cycle will complete before PTS is available for Steam. You can still access PTS though if you have access to the game outside of Steam. We know this isn't ideal but as soon as we have any updates about timing we will let you know.

Thanks for understanding. We will make sure this information is updated in our PTS communications.

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