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Welcome to the 6.2.1 PTS!

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 08.01.2021 03:46PM
Hello everyone!

PTS is now live! Players can experience the changes to Amplifiers and Uprisings.

The team reorganized the Amplifiers user interface (UI) for a better browsing experience. Previously, Amplifiers were organized in alphabetical order. Now, they are organized with a tree-based view:
Players can expand a specific Amplifier type to see all the Amplifiers available in that category or collapse the category to hide them. This change also reduces the default list.

A new tier of Rarity has been added to improve the visibility and readability of Amplifiers. In addition to the existing tiers: the Premium (Green), Prototype (Blue), Artifact (Purple), and Legendary (Gold) tiers, there is now a rarity for the lowest tier: Standard (White). No Amplifier values and no odds to obtain specific Amplifiers have been changed.

Were also introducing Rarity Locking as a way for players to exchange credits for greater chances at obtaining the Amplifiers they want. This feature is costly due to the improvements it grants, so it has been coupled with the Weekly Cost Reset to allow players to save credits by waiting for more re-rolls.

Every re-roll of an amplifier increases the cost, up to 100 re-rolls. Each Tuesday, re-roll costs will be reset to their starting costs!

Amplifiers in 6.2.1 - Feedback

All Uprisings are now available at level 75 with a rebalance of the difficulty and time they take to complete. Along with those changes, loot drops have been increased in all Uprisings.

Uprisings in 6.2.1 - Feedback

How to Get Started
  1. Log into your account with your username and password at
  2. Click on your account name in the top right-hand corner of the site.
  3. Click My Account.
  4. In the left column, scroll down and click the link entitled PTS Character Copy.
  5. Select the server and then the character that you wish to copy.
  6. Click the Copy Character button.
  7. The site will display the current status of your character copy at the top of the page. Additionally, you can click the View your character transfer history link to see if the copy has completed.
  8. Please note that if PTS is offline, you wont see the PTS Character Copy link.
Let us know your thoughts!

Here is the list of the current known issues for the 6.2.1 PTS: PTS Known Issues.
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