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Uprisings in 6.2.1 - Feedback

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 08.01.2021 03:45PM
Hey everyone,

You can now test the changes made on Uprisings on PTS! All Uprisings are now available at level 75 with a rebalance of the difficulty and time they take to complete. Along with those changes, loot drops have been increased in all Uprisings. You will find more information about those changes here: Welcome to the 6.2.1 PTS!

Below you can find the type of feedback that the team is looking for:
  • Do you feel if the Uprisings are content worth doing?
  • Do you think that any of them seem more difficult/annoying than others enough that you would avoid them?
Let us know your thoughts below.
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