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Amplifiers in 6.2.1 - Feedback

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 08.01.2021 03:44PM
Hey everyone,

You can now test the changes made on Amplifiers on PTS! Those changes include a reorganization of the Amplifiers user interface (UI), the introduction of a new tier of Rarity (White tier), and Rarity Locking coupled with the Weekly Cost Reset. You will find more information about those changes here: Welcome to the 6.2.1 PTS!

Below you can find the type of feedback that the team is looking for:
  • Can you easily find your Amplifiers?
  • Can you navigate the Amplifiers list?
  • Did you have any trouble determining how to reroll an Amplifier or lock the rarity?
Let us know your thoughts below.
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