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Minor Rampage Achievement Boost does not double all kill counts

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 08.01.2021 03:37PM
Originally Posted by RameiArashi View Post
Contrary to its description this new Login Reward item does not double ALL kill counts towards achievements. It does nothing for achievements of companions killing 100 or 1000 foes.

Hi RameiArashi,

Can you please provide info for the following questions?
  • Did you consume the item to yourself once you got to the area, or before going to the area?

    Which companions are you using and not seeing double increments?.

    Where were you when it appeared it stopped working?

    Which enemies are you fighting?

    Is it possible you are looking at Conquest Objectives and not Achievements?

Important to note that this does not increment Conquest Objective counts - so going into CZ-198, for example, will still require 25 unique kills for the CZ-198 Defeat Enemies Conquest Objective.
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