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Queue Ban Changes

Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt ( Original Post ) | 11.01.2021 02:34PM
Hello again!

We have had various discussions around toxicity, especially as it related to PvP (previous thread here: I wanted to let yall know about an upcoming change that hopefully very few of you may experience.

Currently, the PvP lockout timer triggered by declining matches or leaving early in Ranked modes, and by being vote kicked in Unranked, prevents players from being able to queue for any PvP activity. This includes Ranked, Unranked and Galactic Starfighter modes.

One of the actions we may take on a players account due to violations of the Terms of Service is a seasonal queue ban. This prevents players from being able to queue for Ranked PvP modes for at least the current season.

We are updating this type of queue ban to mirror that of the lockout timer: Players actioned with a queue ban will now be unable to queue for any PvP activity, including Ranked, Unranked, and Galactic Starfighter. This change will be live in game update 6.2.1.

Finally, I wanted to offer thanks to all of you as we continue to find ways to decrease toxicity.

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