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#2 A good idea for SWTOR

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 29.01.2021 11:39AM
Originally Posted by Exly View Post
To JackieKo,

I saw that you closed a thread about conquest guild ranking problems earlier today. By doing so, you made it seem to me that you are more concerned about protecting BioWare and those that use exploits to circumvent the games terms of service.

My question for you is, why are you providing cover for, and siding with those who have been reported for their exploits, and taking actions like deleting and closing threads against those questioning or reporting them?
1) I closed the thread because the discussion could be taken elsewhere which it has. The OP of that thread has posted here, in the thread I suggested to them. The post has not been removed. In the thread I closed, I stated the reasoning why it was closed. Information should be consolidated. Multiple threads made of similar topics or starting a new thread when the topic/discussion can already be found elsewhere is considered spamming.

2) As we have addressed several times already, we encourage players to use the proper channels to report problematic players and Guilds here.

3) Publicly posting about abusive or exploitative behavior goes against our Rules of Conduct which is why we regularly provide the link in point 2 to our players.
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