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Conquest Crafting Changes

Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt ( Original Post ) | 29.01.2021 01:27PM
Hi all,

I wanted to discuss some changes were bringing to some crafting objectives in Conquests. The full list is below, but I wanted to share some thoughts as to why, and our goals here.

We aim to create engaging, healthy competition and play. One of our goals for how crafting interfaced with Conquests was to allow crafters to contribute in a meaningful way. We took the approach of allowing many of these objectives to be open-ended (aka infinitely repeatable) since they would still be constrained by the resources necessary to craft.

However, we have seen this in practice turn into unhealthy, and often times problematic, play. Many activities around crafting (gathering, missions, the actual crafts) are very repetitive, and could be automated in ways that violate our Terms of Service.

While we think about how crafting and the crafting economy can fit into the greater game in more meaningful ways in the long term, we are making the following changes to promote a more healthy playing environment:
  • New Objective called Crafting: Inventor will be added
    • This will be a Weekly and require twice the number of crafts (100)
    • Base Points = 6,400
    • Upon completion opens up to Crafting: Inventor 2 Daily Objective
  • The former Crafting: Inventor Objective will change from an Infinite Repeat to a Daily Repeat
    • Will change names to Crafting: Inventor 2
    • Base Points = 1,100 (up from 750)
  • Crew Skills: Harvesting will change from an Infinite Repeat to a Daily Repeat
    • Base points = 1,100 (up from 750)
  • Crafting: War Supplies will change from an Infinite Repeat to a Daily Repeat
    • Base Points = 2,000 (up from 1,100)
  • Crafting: Dark Project Eternal will be removed from Conquest as there is already a Daily version
  • Crafting: Aid the War Effort will change from an Infinite Repeat to a Daily Repeat
    • Base Points = 3,350 (up from 750)

In addition, we want a bit more equity between professions. Going forward, a craft for the purposes of conquest objectives will equal one craft. Previously a craft would count each item in a stack of items crafted, shortcutting our intent for the system.

For example - if a Biochem crafter produces a single craft that consists of a stack of 3 stims:
  • Previous: Conquest objective credits that as 3 crafts
  • New: Conquest objective credits that as 1 craft

All of these updates will arrive in Game Update 6.2.1, currently targeting February. I also wanted to share that we are mindful of making large Conquest changes, after doing so a couple of times last year. We are happy in general with where Conquests stand at the moment, but as a live service will continue to make tweaks as needed (such as these) to promote our goals of engaging, healthy competition and play.

If you would like to read updates on general Guild Conquest changes, please see Davids post here.

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