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#2 Conquest Crafting Changes

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 31.01.2021 11:42AM
We have been keeping an eye on the thread and have removed posts that violate our Rules of Conduct and/or forum guidelines. As a reminder, please do not call out other players/guilds as that creates a wave of negativity and toxicity. Please report them accordingly.

Spamming our forums and our channels is not permitted. We can take actions against your account should you spam or brigade our forums or support lines.

If you need to report a player or a guild, please use the appropriate process to do so. and use the steps that can be found under the SWTOR platform. It is also important to include crucial info such as player name, guild name, screenshots or other media that shows Terms of Service and/or Rules of Conduct being broken.

And always, please remain civil here. Do not resort to insults, attacks, or any level of harassment. If you cannot remain civil, regardless of what your opinion on any topic is, we can move to sanction your account.
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