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A good idea for SWTOR

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 29.01.2021 01:33PM
Originally Posted by SyriMarius View Post
I'm not afraid to openly ask these questions of you, but silencing those that have done no wrong in asking them begs the question, Who are you protecting and why?
Do not create a narrative that doesn't exist. I am enforcing the rules of these forums. Asking people to adhere to the rules and our teams enforcing them when those rules are not being followed is what we are supposed to do.

Originally Posted by corsacalin View Post
Are you covering them? Now honestly , as a moderator. Do you keep sides?
The problematic posts have already been removed by the moderation team as they violate the forum guidelines. Our team reviews reports of problematic posts and they take action against them as appropriate. The side we keep is enforcing the rules as we are trying to create a healthy environment here.
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