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#3 Galactic Seasons Feedback

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 26.03.2021 10:05AM
Hi all!

I wanted to update this thread and address some of the great feedback we have received so far!

There is a bit of confusion about why some of the Priority Objectives appear to not be working. There are currently more objectives showing than there should be, and the assigned Weekly Priority Objectives are not being filtered to the top of the Conquest list like the Daily Priority Objectives are. We are aware of this issue and working to have it resolved.

The naming convention for the Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives causes some confusion. We will be making another pass to make this clearer to players.

The Galactic Season progression is currently not showing through the experience bar, however, you should be seeing progression through the point tracking on that same screen.

Other feedback we have noted since PTS has started:
  • There is a wish for additional Galactic Season Tokens to be earned.
  • Tracking Priority Objectives is hard to do because it is binarily Done or Not Done.
  • Additional variance in the Daily Priority Objectives and ways to complete them (with friends and solo).

Please note that we are in the process of gathering all the constructive feedback thats being compiled here. While we are discussing the feedback noted above, that doesn't necessarily mean changes are coming for those points. However, we will circle back on what we are, or aren't changing, and why! Lastly, as with any new feature in development, there will be a few kinks as the rest of the system comes online. We thank you for the continued feedback and patience as that process continues.

We look forward to continuing to build Galactic Seasons out with your input!
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