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#4 Galactic Seasons Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 29.03.2021 10:04AM
Hello everyone,

As we head into week 2 for the Galactic Seasons PTS, we wanted to give you a small update based upon the feedback we have received so far. There have been quite a few bug fixes, but if you see more, please report them here!
  • Catch-up is now enabled.this PTS build simulates what it might look like halfway through a Galactic Season.
  • Rewards added to many levels that had no rewards.
  • Split the Seasons vendor into two to clarify which rewards are permanently available and which rotate.
  • Cleaned up how the Conquest window displays your priority objectives. This is still a work in progress so please keep giving feedback!
Below is a new set of feedback questions to help us improve the system all around.

We have updated Priority Objectives. With the update to them:
  • Are they clear as to what you need to do to complete them?
  • Could you find them quickly without having to look hard?
  • Could you efficiently track their progress?
  • Do you feel the Daily Objectives are ones you can complete in 20-30 minutes?
  • Do you feel the Weekly Objectives are ones you can complete in 50-70 minutes?
  • Any general feedback you may have regarding the Priority Objectives and the update are welcome.
We have updated the reward cadence for Galactic Seasons.
  • Do the current list of rewards appear appealing?
  • How do you feel regarding the cadence of rewards (when you get which rewards when)?
We have added a secondary Galactic Seasons vendor to the Fleet.
  • Does this second vendor help clarify what rewards are Seasonal and which are rotational?
Catch-Up is now enabled.
  • Were you able to quickly and effectively determine which Reward Levels were eligible for Catch-Up?
  • Did you utilize Catch-Up? If so, how many Reward Levels did you purchase?
  • What are your thoughts on the current credit pricing model for Catch-Up?
  • Did this feature make sense to you?
  • Any other general feedback you may have about our Catch-Up system are welcome!
Thank you for all of the valuable feedback you have provided so far!
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