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#2 Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 29.03.2021 10:12AM
Hello everyone!

Thank you for all of the feedback you have provided for the Secrets of the Enclave FP on PTS. Below are fixes based off of the feedback that has been provided.

  • The Search for Signs of Malgus step outside the final boss room no longer requires interaction with the door to progress. You can just approach.
  • Some damage and health values have been adjusted on Veteran Mode (and balance is still in progress!).
  • The Graul and final bosses (Golah/Narezz) can no longer be interrupted. The Enemy Squad boss can currently be interrupted by design, so let us know your thoughts on this. Please also note that the Terentatek is also interruptible right now, but that may not be permanent.
  • The Imperial Commander enemy now wields lightsabers as intended.
  • There is now only one large map note marker for the Defeat Enemy Patrols step to lessen confusion about their position.
  • Kath Hounds are a little less dangerous.
  • The Grauls frontal cone now has an appropriate tell. Instead of stunning on Story and Veteran Mode, it now applies a mild knockback.
  • The Graul will now call its swarm onto the player even if they are tanking him.
  • The Fear debuff and Swarmer adds now clean up when the encounter ends.
Enemy Squad
  • Changed the way the Grenadiers Grenade Toss works: it is now a ground-targeted effect that players can avoid.
  • Ziliss and Meinar no longer drop loot before the encounter has ended.
  • The range at which Napalm Spray (Golah) and Force Wave (Narezz) deals damage has been increased, but the tell effect is still the same size.
Please continue adding feedback here. Thank you all!
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