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#2 New Short Story -- "Quite A Story To Tell"

Originally Posted by CaitlinSullivan ( Original Post ) | 16.04.2021 04:33PM
Hey again, everyone! Thank you all so much for taking the time to read Quite A Story To Tell and provide your feedback. Im so happy to see that many of you enjoyed reading it, because I really enjoyed writing it! And seeing so much discussion has gotten me really excited to hear all your thoughts about "Secrets of the Enclave."

If you take a look at the ending of "Quite A Story To Tell," youll notice that Ive changed the Jedi Master that Syl and Satele mention. Id like to thank those of you who constructively pointed out Master Gnost-Durals inclusion, and Id like to apologize to anyone who took this story as an implication that anyones choices are more canon than others. I want to reassure everyone that that is absolutely not the case.

I hope you all consider this change to be a welcome addition, as well as an improvement to the quality of Quite A Story To Tell. Thank you all again for your engagement, and may the Force be with you always!
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