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Guild Commendations Grant

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 19.04.2021 10:15AM
Hi everyone,

We wanted to address a bug that has been reported regarding the Guild Commendations not being rewarded as intended for Conquest Invasions. This bug is targeted to be fixed with 6.3. We understand that this has not been the best experience for Guilds and their members, so we will be granting 360 Guild Commendations to ALL Guilds with this next update. Essentially, we are granting a months worth of Large Yield Commendations to Guilds.

As there is a cap for these, we wanted to message this grant ahead of time, so all players are able to spend their Commendations as necessary and they are able to take advantage of it.

A couple of notes to consider:
  • They will be granted as soon as the first member logs in after 6.3 is implemented
  • These will only be granted to Guilds that own a Guild Bank
We appreciate everyone who reported the issue to us and thank you for your patience.
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