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#2 what time is pts for today?

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 08.07.2021 12:31PM
Originally Posted by phalczen View Post
OK, so does that mean we will be using either pre-made or transferred characters that are:
light sided Jedi Knight base class
light sided Jedi Consular base class
light sided Sith Warrior base class
light sided Sith Inquisitor base class

that can choose the Jedi Guardian combat style, and only that style for now, and playtesting it?

Or, does it mean that we will all be Jedi Knights who are using the Jedi Guardian combat style?
We will be posting a full breakdown of what to expect once PTS goes live. I know that doesn't outright answer your question, but I just want to keep conversations consolidated and as organized as possible.

As of now, expect four different threads to be posted when PTS goes up.

1) Detailed breakdown of what this phase of PTS will cover
2) How to access PTS
3) Feedback thread
4) Status updates thread (this was mentioned in the livestream)
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