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Legacy of the Sith PTS Status Updates/Known Issues

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 07.07.2021 03:13PM
Hello everyone,

This post will serve as one stop check-in that will provide a snapshot status report of all components that are being tested in PTS for the remainder of the year. There are four levels that will indicate where each phase is as far as availability and testability. Expect this post to be updated on an ongoing basis to reflect changes and updates regarding PTS as time passes.

As of July 9, 2021

LEVEL 1. Content is complete and shippable


LEVEL 2. Playable/functional. May have known issues and bugs.


LEVEL 3. Partially available. Likely to see WIP markers or placeholder UI where applicable, etc...

Jedi Guardian

LEVEL 4. Not available to be tested

All content outside of Jedi Guardian

Known Issues:
  • We are making quality of life changes to parsing, so they will show as broken at this time.
  • All game scaling is temporarily gone
  • Must do PTS Droid conversation twice in order to be given all abilities. With the second conversation and all future ones, abilities will be given correctly.
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