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#3 Jedi Guardian on the PTS!

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 08.07.2021 08:54AM
Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first phase of PTS featuring the Jedi Guardian Combat Style. In case you missed it, we go through a bit of the philosophy behind the updates were making to Combat Styles in this article.

There are two main goals we are aiming to achieve: Streamlining ability sets in order to enable more player choice and maintaining the unique identity of the class. We know players will be thinking about the reduced quantity of abilities and what that looks like, so here is an in-depth look into how the Jedi Guardian Combat Style is impacted by player choices.


This is where PTS comes in. As we announced on our livestream last week, what is available now on PTS is a first look into the upcoming changes of this class. We want to give you all first impressions into what customization will look like, but please keep in mind the following to set expectations for this round of PTS:
  • This is super high level and not a deep dive (that will come later!).
  • All three Disciplines will be available; however flexibility in ability choices will be heavily restricted for this first phase of testing.
  • Each Discipline has two ability paths available and you can select one of the two options to get a taste for different playstyles
  • Your character will be capped at level 75
There is a lot of info to read and process, so please take your time in familiarizing yourself with all the data provided and let us know your thoughts!

For Steam players, there will be a new prompt on our storefront page when PTS is available. Clicking the link there will start the process to getting the PTS installed!

For details on how to access PTS, please go here.
Jedi Guardian feedback can be provided here.
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