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#2 Jedi Guardian Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 14.07.2021 11:51AM
Hi all,

Were going through all the feedback thats being posted here. Thank you to everyone who has been providing constructive feedback and answering the questions listed in the feedback thread. There is a lot to read through, but we wanted to acknowledge that we are reading your posts.

One note that we are seeing is concerns of our overall lack of addressing questions in real time that have popped up. We know that this can be frustrating but at this stage of the feedback process, but we need your raw constructive criticism without us potentially changing or tainting it. This is especially important in the first few days of PTS and what we will be following for future phases of PTS. We also know that there is an ask for us to acknowledge every single thread that was created, but please understand that is not feasible in terms of keeping info consolidated and in one place with how the dev tracker functions. Know that we are reading each thread as they are updated and compiling the feedback and reviewing it with the team.

Here are common sentiments that we are seeing:
  • Concerns regarding the availability of defensive abilities.
  • PTS Jedi Guardian could be effective in story content but not endgame content.
  • Saber Throw/Saber Reflect should not be a choice.
  • The class is about survivability. The PTS Jedi Guardian does not feel like this.
  • Choices being offered as of now dont feel balanced.
  • The gear and companion being offered during this phase of PTS does not equate to the live player experience.
We know there are questions surrounding this phase of PTS and will be addressing them in a consolidated dev post later this week after weve reviewed the feedback thats come in since weve launched PTS.

This thread will be updated with a dev post later this week.

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