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Short Story - Seeing Red

Originally Posted by JayWatamaniuk ( Original Post ) | 14.07.2021 02:37PM
Greetings from up North!

My names Jay, and Ive been with BioWare since the days of Neverwinter Nights. The last 12+ years have been spent on the writing side of game development, getting my start on the tail end of Mass Effect 2. About a year and half ago, I jumped at the chance to work with the talented SWTOR team down in Austin and havent looked back.

For a kid that grew up playing with Star Wars action figures, its been a tremendous privilege of adding a few of my own stories to the vast Star Wars universe. Two of my favorite new characters - Jekiah and Rass Ordo - were introduced in the flashpoint, Spirit of Vengeance.

But trouble never left an Ordo alone for very long. Left to oversee the Mandalorians after Shae Vizla begins her hunt for the treacherous Field Marshal Heta Kol, Jekiah faces his first crisis when a conflict between two clans turns bloody in the short story Seeing Red.

Hope you enjoy it.

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