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#5 Jedi Sentinel Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 11.08.2021 02:39PM
Hi all,

Just like with PTS for the Jedi Guardian, we are going through the feedback thread and compiling the feedback we are receiving. Again, we appreciate everyone who has been providing constructive feedback and answering the questions listed in the feedback thread.

As we have expressed in the past, these ability paths are not set in stone. Our focus for these phases of PTS is to understand what abilities and what experiences make these classes unique to our players. This is why we allow access to players this early in development, so we can receive feedback and ensure that we are building a solid foundation for future content.

Here are common sentiments that we are seeing:
  • This does not feel like a Sentinel if players must choose between Blade Blitz, Transcendence and Force Camouflage
  • The absence of Force Stasis and Awe was very noticeable
  • Mobility and speed are vital to Sentinel
General note about PTS experience:

We did see a few comments about the mount provided being too slow. Because character copy is not available at this time, Legacy Perks are not carried over into PTS, so at this time Speeder Piloting IV and V are not available.

Well have more to share on the next phase of PTS soon. Please continue to provide feedback in the respective threads, so we are able to track it and consolidate it.

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