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#6 Jedi Sentinel Feedback

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 12.08.2021 10:59AM
Originally Posted by Sarova View Post
Hi Jackie, I'm wondering if there is a bug with mounts on the PTS which happens if you use your reward mounts and companions from the mail. Last time when I tried out the Guardian, I collected my mail first which included several mounts & the items to unlock various companions. I used all of these before I went to Onderon. When I finally got to Onderon, I didn't get C2N2 and my mount speed was slower than speed 1.
This time on the Sentinel, I ignored my mail and when to Onderon as soon as I'd chosen my spec and gear. I unlocked C2N2 & the mount as soon as I got there. The mount worked at speed 3 and C2N2 was also immediately boosted in influence level.
Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Hi Jackie,
I also had the same issue with the mount speed being slower than speeder 1 lvl. It was literally faster to run than get on my speeder. If this is a bug because I didnt go to Onderon, then so be it, but it would be good to know for future pts iterations.
If its not a bug, is there a chance BioWare could just enable speeder bike lvl 3 riding for all speeders and companion when we travel to the fleet the first time? Because I find testing on Onderon less optimal than testing in harder content like veteran / master mode flash points
Hi there,

Wanted to confirm that level 3 is granted via the Onderon Daily Board. Starting the daily questline will give you the companion, the mount, and level 3 Speeder Piloting. I'll also be updating the original post with these details so players are aware. And I have passed along the feedback about when level 3 is granted.

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