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Galactic Seasons - Season 2 Updates

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 19.08.2021 09:11AM
Hi all!

I wanted to take an opportunity to sit down with you and chat about some of the systemic changes we are moving toward with Galactic Seasons: Season 2.

You have all provided a ton of great feedback, both from our original PTS but also throughout this first Season. That feedback has helped us continue to shape and refine how Galactic Seasons looks and feels, and we would like to share that with you here before the next Season begins with the launch of Legacy of the Sith. Lets dive in!

Moving Priority Objectives Into Their Own Tab
With Season 2, we will be moving the Priority Objectives out of the greater Conquest Objectives list and putting them into their own tab within the Conquest Window. This was one of the largest points of feedback provided throughout the original Galactic Seasons PTS, and we are excited to get that adjustment in for Season 2.

When opening the Conquest window you will see two tabs--one for Conquest Objectives, and a second for Priority Objectives. By clicking on the Priority Objectives window, players will be able to see the list of Priority Objectives they have available to them, which/how many they have completed, and which/how many they still have available to complete.

Changes to Priority Objectives
Daily Emphasis is shifting to Weekly Emphasis
With Season 1 there was a strong emphasis on Daily participation. This is evident in both the feel of the Season as well as our Season 1 point allocation, as shown below:

Percent of Total Galactic Season Points - Season 1:
  • Login: 11% (Sub) / 8% (Free/Pref)
  • Weekly: 32% (Sub) / 33% (Free/Pref)
  • Daily: 57% (Sub) / 58% (Free/Pref)

For Season 2, we are flipping this around to instead focus on a week-to-week emphasis. As such, Season 2 will change from 2 Dailies and 2 Weeklies to 1 Daily and 10 Weeklies. Looking back at the Percent of Total Galactic Season Points allocation for Season 2, this is where it ends up:

Percent of Total Galactic Season Point - Season 2
  • Login: 9% (Sub) / 5% (Free/Pref)
  • Weekly: 74% (Sub) / 76% (Free/Pref)
  • Daily: 16% (Sub) / 19% (Free/Pref)

Our goals with this philosophy change is to:
  • Ease the stress of daily participation and the feeling of missing out if you simply cannot log in for that specific day, or series of days.
  • More closely align with the Login Reward philosophy of at your own pace.
  • Provide all players more time to plan their Galactic Seasons week; both for themselves and their friends.

Priority Objectives are no longer randomized
By moving off the day-to-day and into the week-to-week philosophy for Galactic Seasons, we are also removing the randomized granting of Priority Objectives. All players will be given the same 10 Weekly Priority Objectives for the week, which will change from week to week. We hope this provides a clearer map for players to plan out their week; when they want to attack each PO, and how (with or without friends).

Choose any 7 Weekly structure
To give a larger net of flexibility in Priority Objective options, players will only need to complete 7 out of the 10 Weekly Priority Objectives. Once a player has completed their chosen 7 Weekly Priority Objectives, the other 3 will then become locked out for the remainder of the week. We want to provide players a way to earn as many Galactic Season Points as possible each week, while being able to participate in Objectives they find the most appealing.

Daily Priority Objective is simply to earn Conquest
As mentioned above, there will only be 1 Daily Priority Objective which will simply consist of Earn Personal Conquest Experience. Our goal is to give players the flexibility to continue playing Star Wars: The Old Republic however they wish on a day-to-day basis, while still making progress in the Season.

In a later post, we will go into a few more details as to what the Season 2 Priority Objectives may look like. In the meantime, we would love to hear your initial thoughts on the proposed changes coming to Season 2 before we move into broader testing in a later PTS phase.

Thanks again for your continued feedback!
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