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Interview: Combat Styles in 7.0

Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt ( Original Post ) | 20.08.2021 08:49AM
Hi everyone,

I recently did an interview with Max and Sema, the content creators behind SWTOR Escape Pod Cast about Combat Styles. We covered quite a bit of information, including the teams goals and philosophies behind them. Hopefully this interview also addresses lots of questions that yall have been asking about Combat Styles in general. Below are some high level points that we chatted about:

  • We had the opportunity to take a close look at the state of the game for this release and address things such as balancing classes and the way we developed new abilities, thus opening the door for some fun stuff we can do in the future
  • Goals of Loadouts and Combat Styles, how many players can have, and our vision behind how they work
  • How we are managing flexibility and restrictions when it comes to switching Combat Styles
  • What the player experience is like if the player is brand new to SWTOR
  • Gearing changes will be coming to level 80, but we arent able to share details at this time. This will be something that players can look forward to testing in a future PTS phase
  • Changes that are coming to Utilities
  • Light vs Dark alignment and unlocking Light/Dark 5 for Legacy
  • Excited to share more through PTS and we are looking forward to sharing how all the pieces will fit together

Definitely check out the interview for all of the details about the above points!

Thanks all!
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