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#2 When will the next PTS phase be available for testing?

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 07.10.2021 01:34PM
Hi again,

For the next phase of PTS, we will have the Marauder, Juggernaut, Mercenary, and Powertech Combat Styles available. Our aim is to have PTS available tomorrow and I will be posting all the relevant threads and updates. Should that change, I will update this thread.

Originally Posted by Dyne- View Post
Might want to recommend the dev team look at how quickly resolve kicks in, or make it so melee can leap to snipers in cover. It's looking like we'll barely survive the duration of a hard stun.

No mad dash out of diversion, no intercede to an ally, no enure cleanse, no freezing force to slow the operatives. He could have played it better with awe, force push, and force stasis, but even so this isn't looking good for melee players.
Hi Dyne,

Wanted to say that I've passed along this feedback.
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