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October 6, 2021: Launcher Incident

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 08.10.2021 09:03AM
Hello everyone,

On October 6th at around 5:15pm CT, a portion of players who were logging into SWTOR through the game launcher were prompted to download a patch that was unintended to be pushed out. This effectively caused players to be unable to play the game. At 7:45pm CT, the issue was resolved.

Players who downloaded this patch or began downloading the patch had to re-download the game in its entirety in order to fully recover from this issue and play the game.

We recognize that this is not an ideal experience and understand the game time impact that this incident has had on our players. We were able to identify which players had been affected by this issue and will be compensating them with the following:
  • Free to play/Preferred accounts will receive 100 Cartel Coins
  • Subscriber accounts will receive one additional day of sub time + 100 Cartel Coins
Impacted players will receive this compensation within 24-48 hours as of this post automatically and will not have to contact Support or manually add anything to their accounts.

We apologize for the disruption this incident has had on the impacted players. We understand the significance an unexpected full download of the game has especially for players who are affected by bandwidth caps. We thank all of our players for their patience and appreciate their continued support.

- The SWTOR Team
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