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#3 Changes and New Features in 7.0

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 09.11.2021 11:13AM
Hi everyone,

Wanted to clarify a few things the team has seen pop up in this thread:
  • Converting the turn-in steps to Autocomplete on Daily and Weekly missions is only being done when the turn-in step is a 'Return to Dropbox' type of step. It will not be done to any turn-ins with a cinematic or otherwise.
  • In some cases it makes more sense to keep tagging rules to the old system where only a group shares credit and looting. Encounters such as Dreadtooth and Ancient Threat will continue to use group tagging rules.
  • The auto-sorting of the inventory on PTS is a known bug, and not the desired behavior. You should expect inventory to work as it does in the Live game today upon 7.0's release. We will update the Known Issues thread in the PTS forum to reflect this
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