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#4 Itemization in 7.0

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 10.11.2021 10:28AM
Hi everyone,

This is a follow up post to the OP to answer some of the questions that we've based off of the initial information that was shared. Please see below:

Clarification on gear ratings
What is the max gear level?
  • In the 7.0 release, players can upgrade up to level 330 via Legacy Master Mode Operations. The max obtainable gear level for all modes will rise over time throughout the expansion.

Max new gear ratings (7.0 gear upgrade caps):
  • 326: This can be obtained by doing anything in game (Conquests).
  • 322: Story Mode Legacy Operations
  • 326: Veteran Mode Legacy Operations
  • 330: Master Mode Legacy Operations

In the 7.0 release, it is only possible to upgrade to level 330 via Master Mode Operations. Over time, all other game modes will be able to upgrade to level 330 as the ceiling is raised, so essentially, gear progression is built into all modes.

What is the PvP experience like with these changes?
  • PvP will have a stat floor and ceiling, so players with higher levels of gear will have their gear reduced to the stat ceiling (326). GSF will be awarded akin to the PvP upgrade loop.
  • GSF will be awarded akin to the PvP upgrade loop.
  • There are no current plans for Social Achievements for PvP.

PvP Gear and Accuracy clarification.
  • Thyrsian armor, acquired by participating in PvP, will not contain any accuracy
  • Thyrsian offhands will come in two stat distributions, one with accuracy and one without. Players will be able to choose which version of offhand they desire, or collect both.

Can I acquire mats to max gear and mods without having to do grouped content?
  • Over time, as more patches are released in the expansion, you will be able to upgrade your gear more and more, including unlocking the moddable gear vendor.

What is happening with Tech Fragments?
  • Tech Fragments will remain, and will still be able to be spent on Tacticals, Cosmetics, Augment Components, and Kai Zykkens offerings.

Will the achievements currently categorized under "Spoils of War", the Equipment Sets and Tactical Items also be moved to the Feats of Strength category or will they still be achievable in 7.0?
  • The Spoils of War equipment sets will no longer drop from content nor be able to be directly purchased from a vendor. As a result, the achievements will be moved to the Feats of Strength category. The sets will still be obtainable via Kai Zykkens Random Unique Items box.

What will happen to all the armor sets being sold by vendors in the supplies section of the fleet in exchange for tech fragments and credits?
  • They will not be available for direct purchase, but will be available in Kai Zykkens Random Unique Items Box

Will the DvL items be available for credits instead of tokens?
  • No - DvL items will remain available for tokens. We will add back in the ability to acquire tokens in a future update via the DvL bosses.

Is the only way we can get moddable gear is if we can clear VM 80 OP? Is there no more min/maxing for players who can't clear the hardest content in game?
  • No. Over time, as upgrade ceilings raise with new game updates, moddable gear will be accessible to all players. At 7.0s launch there will be no moddable gear awarded above level 306

Are Renown Caches going away?
  • Yes as the Renown system is being removed.

Are individual characters that already have a social level keeping their social level and access to the associated items in 7.0?
  • Yes, you will keep your current social level and access to all unlocked rewards.

How do these changes affect story players in terms of getting rewards toward gearing?
  • Story players will still earn materials and gear via Conquests and Story mode missions, Dailies, and Heroics.

How does this affect crafting?
  • Augments and Augmentation Kits are still craftable, and able to be used on all 7.0 gear. We are not raising Crew Skills, Gathering or Crafting levels upon the 7.0 release, but they are a part of our 10-year celebration plans.

Where is the vendor for command crate shells?
  • These will be available for purchase on a vendor with 7.0s launch for 3,500 Tech Fragments and 500,000 Credits.

For additional clarification on how gearing works in 7.0, to advance your characters gear, youll want to do the following:
  1. Play Conquests/Daily Missions regularly - currency from this is used for gear upgrades across all other content, and the gear pool from this alone will upgrade you beyond what's needed for any solo activity. Max gear from this source is 326 at launch, and will increase in future patches - see #4 below.
    • All other solo (and most multiplayer) activities for 7.0 and beyond are balanced for 318 gear.
    • For comparison, completing the 7.0 storyline rewards gear up to level 320.
  2. Play Flashpoints, Warzones, and/or Ops as you like - gear drops from those activities will upgrade you regardless of where your currently-equipped gear came from.
  3. For Players with a favorite activity type, currencies and sidegrades from that activity will allow you to upgrade to the max needed for that activity, simply by playing that activity (plus Conquests/Daily missions).
  4. We will introduce higher tiers of gear in future 7.x updates. Even as the max gear rewards go up, the balance target for all solo and most multiplayer activities will remain at 318 for all 7.x content.
    • The balance target for new Operations/Lair Bosses/etc (8-player) will increase as new tiers of gear become available in later patches, starting with the R-4 Operation in 7.1. Legacy Operations will remain balanced for 318.
    • The item rating floor and ceiling for Warzones will also raise over time.
I hope this has been helpful!
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