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#2 Galactic Seasons 2 Feedback

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 13.01.2022 03:25PM
Hi all,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for the great feedback we have received while Season 2 has been on the PTS, and also provide some updates and clarifications to some of the topics mentioned here.

Season Objective Tab
We have seen the feedback regarding the lack of clarity that the Season Objective tab in the Conquest window is actually a tab/button. The version of the Conquest window tabs seen on the PTS is an incomplete version; the version we have on our development server is much clearer and should alleviate this point.

In addition, we are aware that clicking on the Season Objectives button on the Galactic Seasons page is not always taking players to the correct window in-game. We are finishing off the last piece of code needed for this to correctly link, and it will be fixed for once we go live with Season 2.

Underworld Syndicate Plans
There has been feedback regarding the Underworld Syndicate Plans, specifically how to obtain them for the Season Objective Infiltrating the Competition. We have added additional context and information to the Season Objective which will now inform players the sources of Underworld Syndicate Plans and the number they may obtain from each source.

In addition to the clarification of where to obtain them, we have also updated Qius conversation to now directly mention Underworld Syndicate Plans by name rather than vaguely referencing information.

To further clarify some of the confusion we have seen, Underworld Syndicate Plans do not come from Achievements. Our Season Objectives utilize the same tech as our Achievement system, so when players were getting mail from Achievement Systems it was the core tech behaving as it should for all Achievement-based assets.

The reason for the mail is based on how we previously authored the Achievement system to handle item-based Achievement rewards (such as Underworld Syndicate Plans). The current system takes any item reward and mails them to the character which completed the Achievement. We are finishing our update to this system such that when Season 2 goes live, Underworld Syndicate Plans earned from Season Objectives should simply go into the players currency tab, while updating the Infiltrating the Competition Season Objective.

Underworld Aspirant Achievement Series
We are aware of the Underworld Aspirant Achievements incrementing incorrectly. We have discovered the cause and have a fix for it.

Fen Zeil Customization
We understand that there is a desire for Fen himself to be more customizable in his appearance as we did with Altuur. Im happy to go into some additional detail here as to why he is currently set up the way he is.

We want players to have the opportunity to express themselves through their Companions, and customize that experience. For many that is dressing their Companion in any outfit they desire, and while we want to offer that option there are often times when that becomes more difficult to support, both technically as well as when we wish to maintain character integrity.

Our outfit system allows players to equip themselves (and sometimes their Companions) in outfits which reveal skin (such as the torso, arms, legs, hands, and feet). This requires that the character has the appropriate art made for each of those regions. There are many characters in the game which currently do have the art to support this, and attempting to work around this would not be in the best interest of the player or look of the character.

Other times we opt to keep a certain look or style to a Companion to maintain the integrity of that character. While we may offer alternative looks for them, their outfit is part of what makes them unique and definable at a quick glance. There is never any question of which Companion just ran by when it is Nico or Arcann. Fen Zeil is a character we wish to maintain this integrity with.

Understanding however that customization is important, we created some additional skin variants for Fen which players will be able to earn and/or purchase throughout the Season. We did this with the intent to offer players more immediate options should players desire them, while maintaining the character integrity we believe is important for him.

Galactic Season Point Distribution
Finally, I would like to chat about the point distribution for Season Objectives and the intention behind this decision.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we can effectively break the Season Objectives into 3 types based on their time to complete, complexity, and access. In short, they can best be defined in the following way:
  • 6 Solo-oriented Objectives
    • These are intended to be completed by solo players, and are balanced toward being complete in 30-40 minutes. These offer players 6 Galactic Season points for a total of 36 Galactic Season Points if all 6 are completed.
  • 3 Multiplayer-oriented Objectives
    • These are intended to be completed with or against other players, often involving queue times or some other manner of more coordinated effort between multiple players. They are balanced toward being complete in 60-80 minutes, with their potential queue times being considered as a part of this time to complete. These offer players 12 Galactic Season Points for a total of 36 Galactic Season Points if all 3 are completed.
  • 1 Subscriber Objective
    • This Objective is intended solely as an option for Subscribed players, and will require content included in expansions outside of what we offer in our Free content. The completion time of these may vary anywhere between 30-80 minutes, and will vary week-to-week between being Solo-oriented and Multiplayer-oriented.

Due to the time and effort required for multiplayer-based Objectives, as well as the smaller number of them in total, they require additional points to balance out the total options for players to make informed decisions on. Even in the event we lowered the overall requirements for the Multiplayer-oriented Objectives to maintain the roughly same time to complete estimates as the Solo-oriented ones, those Objectives would still require an additional padding of points to compensate for the added complexity layer of accessibility.

Last but not least, I recently sat down and talked about Galactic Seasons 2 in an interview with This Week in Aurebesh, and I encourage you to read through it!

I hope that helps shed light on some of the more prevalent feedback we have seen! We would like to again thank everyone for their feedback! It has been and continues to be extremely helpful for us in shaping Galactic Seasons!
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