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#2 Changes made to Kai Zykken

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 13.01.2022 01:33PM
Originally Posted by Nee-Elder View Post
Jackie, i realize you're just the messenger but.... well.... i'll just simply ask 2 very legitimate questions:

1. How does such a significant code-change get through your developer filters & checks? Is it because Kai's schedule is now fully automated on rotation or whatever?
2. Why not hotfix/revert such an unfortunate blunder immediately upon first getting detected?
Hey Nee-Elder,

Without going into details, it was more that this was tied to 7.0's original roll out plan. Additionally, a hotfix is not easily implemented at this time. ​

Originally Posted by Damask_Rose View Post
Two questions.

1. Will those be new schematics, or the current ones? I think I still need some of the current ones and I'll be sad if I can't get them anymore due to a bug.

2. Is there any hope Kai's unidentified crate will have some sort of RNG protection? If not, the odds of finishing any sets will be astronomically low. I had really hooped they would continue to drop for lvls 75-79
Hi Damask_Rose,

These will be the schematics that have existed on Kai for all of 6.0, so there won't be new schematics. There will be the same level of RNG protection that currently exists on the crate. We are working on doing a write up on this to explain how it works a bit better.

Originally Posted by juliushorst View Post
I don't think they plan to release any changes to crafting with 7.0 so I would assume those will be old\existing sets.

Keep all your sets (both complete and incomplete) on one character when buying from Kai. She shouldn't be selling dupicates of things you have on you and in your personal cargo bay (but legacy bay doesn't count).
This is true in the case that this will work for non-general Set Bonuses.
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