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#4 Changes made to Kai Zykken

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 25.01.2022 03:59PM
Hi everyone,

I have two follow ups regarding Kai Zykken. As mentioned in the Guild Perks Schedule thread, we are not able to deploy the fix for Kai Zykken as we originally intended due to the Guild Perks Schedule fix needing to be deployed through a patch. Please expect both fixes to be implemented at 7.0.

Second, our Design team provided the below information to further explain how Kai Zykken will operate in Legacy of the Sith including an explanation on how the RNG protection will work on the Set Bonus Crate.

When 7.0 launches, Kai Zykken will have a new inventory containing:
  • A rotating collection of Tacticals
  • This collection will operate just like the rotating Tacticals offered on Kai during 6.0
  • A rotating collection of crafting Schematics for Tacticals and Set Bonuses.
  • These schematics will be the same schematics available from Kai in 6.0
  • A new Unidentified Set Bonus crate that will give the player a random piece of Set Bonus gear from the Spoils of War expansion.
  • This crate will contain no Tactical items.
  • This crate will contain every Set Bonus from 6.0, regardless of where it came from. This includes the sets previously only available from Dxun or crafting.

How does the RNG protection work?

When a player opens the Unidentified Set Bonus Crate, their current discipline and the items in their equipment and inventory will be checked:
If an item exists in the players equipment or inventory, the RNG protection will prevent that item from dropping.
Items will only drop if they match the players current Discipline (or Loot Discipline if they have it set)

This duplicate protection existed in 6.0 but didnt apply to the Set Bonuses that could be worn by any class. Well be extending this protection to include generic Set Bonuses as well.

Important to note with this change is that when you have acquired every item from the crate, it will no longer have anything to give you. To ensure the crate always rewards the player with something, the Taskmaster's Chestguard will remain in the crate with no duplication protection. If you start receiving duplicates of the Taskmaster's Chestguard, youll know youve collected everything from the crate.

We hope the above better explains how this system works.

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