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Changes to Gearing in 7.0 from PTS Feedback

Originally Posted by BryantWood ( Original Post ) | 26.01.2022 01:10PM
Hey Community!

I want to start this post with a huge thank you to everyone who participated on PTS and gave their input and feedback surrounding the 7.0 gearing system in our feedback thread. We appreciate your passion to make SWTOR the best it can be!. We want to share with you adjustments we’ve made based on your feedback after clarifying some misconceptions.

Clarification: Weekly Repeatable Missions

Let’s clear up some confusion we’ve seen regarding Weekly Missions in 7.0. We previously announced a change where Weekly Missions will reset their progress when the reset time has been reached. To ensure players are still able to complete their Weekly Missions in a reasonable time we have made 2 additional adjustments to go alongside this first change.
  1. The requirements for key Weekly Missions have been reduced.
  2. Some Weekly Missions can now be completed 3x per week for rewards instead of 1x per week.
As players have noticed, some Weekly Missions on PTS have already been changed so they can be completed 3x and with the next PTS this will now be visible directly on the UI.

These changes have been applied to the following Missions:
  • Flashpoint Weekly Missions
    • [WEEKLY] Galactic Conflicts
    • [WEEKLY] Veteran Flashpoints
  • Operations Weekly Missions (Story mode only)
    • [WEEKLY] The Dread Fortress (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] The Dread Palace (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] The Nature Of Progress (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] Eternity Vault (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] Explosive Conflict (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] Gods From The Machine (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] Karagga's Palace (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] The Ravagers (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] Scum And Villainy (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] Temple of Sacrifice (Story)
    • [WEEKLY] Terror From Beyond (Story)
  • Uprising Weekly Missions
    • [WEEKLY] Master Uprisings
    • [WEEKLY] Veteran Uprisings
    • [WEEKLY] Story Uprisings
  • [WEEKLY] Searching for Allies
  • Heroic Weekly Missions
  • Daily Area Weekly Missions
  • PvP Weekly Missions
    • [WEEKLY] Conspicuous Valor
    • [WEEKLY] The Spoils of War
    • [WEEKLY] Go Berserk!
    • [WEEKLY] Time for Pain!
    • [WEEKLY] Galactic Starfighter
Finally, we've seen concerns that the progress reset could occur when players are on the turn-in step of missions that require interacting with a drop box to complete. These have all been converted to complete automatically so a physical turn-in is no longer required. Please note that any turn-ins that require a conversation or interaction with an NPC will remain as-is.

Clarification: Heroic Missions

We have seen a misunderstanding that players will no longer have the ability to complete the Heroic Missions they want to run, and wanted to talk about this with you all. Part of the 7.0 gearing design is to encourage players to spread around the galaxy by rewarding only certain activities each week.

We want to clarify that with this system, any activities that aren’t being encouraged will still be available, and will still be rewarded. At any time players will be able to access the Heroic Missions terminal on the fleet or travel to a planet’s mission dropbox to access the Heroic Mission of their choice, complete their Heroic, and receive their rewards. What will be changing week by week is which Heroic area gives bonus rewards for completion.

Adjustments to Gearing

After reading through and analyzing your feedback, we will be making the following adjustments which you will see live at 7.0

Legendary Missions

We will be adjusting the amount of charge gained from PvP activities so that all PvP related activities give 10 charges per match. (Previous values were 4 charge for Unranked matches, 7 charge for Solo Ranked matches, and 10 charge for Group Ranked matches)

Role in Need

We have slightly increased the rewards for Role in Need to make them more enticing and also encourage players to swap roles:
  • 2 Processed Isotope Stabilizer
  • 50 Tech Fragments
  • 5 Medals of Commendation
  • 5 Aquatic Resource Matrix (up from 3)

Galactic Starfighter

Rewards for Starfighter weren’t equal to rewards from other modes of PvP so we have increased the rewards from GSF to be closer to PvP rewards.
  • GSF Losses now reward 50 Tech Fragments (up from 0)
  • GSF Wins now have a chance to grant a Legendary Ember (previously no chance)
  • The GSF Weekly Mission will now reward 1000 Tech Fragments (up from 720)
  • The GSF Daily Mission will now reward 150 Tech Fragments (up from 120)

PvP Gearing Costs

PvP gear upgrades required too high amounts of Medal of Commendation and Aquatic Resource Matrixes so these values have been reduced. We have also increased the amount of Aquatic Resource Matrices (ARMs) rewarded from PvP Weekly Missions.
  • Unranked Weekly Missions now reward 8 ARMs (up from 2)
  • Solo Ranked and GSF Weekly Missions now reward 10 ARMs (up from 3)
  • Group Ranked Weekly Missions now reward 12 ARMs (up from 4)

Tech Fragments

To compensate for the amount of Tech Fragments players used to receive from Deconstruction, we have increased the amount of Tech Fragments reward from various activities:
  • Conquest:
    • Personal Reward increased to 250 (up from 100)
  • Group Finder:
    • Master FP Daily increased to 150
    • Master FP Repeatable increased to 50
    • Veteran FP Daily increased to 125
    • Veteran FP Repeatable increased to 40
    • Story OP Daily increased to 175
    • Story OP Repeatable increased to 60
    • Veteran Uprisings Daily increased to 75
    • Veteran Uprisings Repeatable increased to 75
  • Chapters (does not include Chapter IX: The Alliance)
    • Story Chapter completion increased to 10
    • Veteran Chapter completion increased to 20
    • Master Chapter completion increased to 30
  • Heroics:
    • Heroic mission Completion now grants 10 Tech Fragments (up from 0)
  • Daily Areas:
    • Daily Area mission completion now grants 10 Tech Fragments (up from 0)

Obtaining Gear at 320

When obtaining gear at Item Rating 320 from Flashpoints and Operations it was possible for players to begin receiving duplicate items before having acquired all pieces at Item Rating 320. We have adjusted these drops so players should no longer receive duplicate gear if any of their equipment slots has a piece of gear below 320.

Defeating Bosses

The reduction of gear dropping from bosses has left them feeling less exciting when killed. We have adjusted the distribution of currency and gear on bosses to retain some of that excitement.
Defeating a boss in Flashpoints or Operations will now always reward a piece of gear. This gear will be equal item rating to a randomly chosen piece of gear the player has equipped. In addition, the boss may drop bonus currency (Decurion Stabilizers for Flashpoints, Hazardous Catalysts for Operations) when defeated.

Gear Drops for Solo Players

Players on the Conquest Gear track currently have no way to obtain direct gear drops, which would make gearing alt character more difficult than we intended. To alleviate this issue we have created a new Noble Decurion Distribution Crate. This crate will reward the player 1 piece of Noble Decurion gear, at an equal item random to a randomly chosen piece of equipped gear.
This crate will be rewarded on the Weekly Missions for Heroic and Daily Areas.

Story Flashpoint Rewards

Story Flashpoint Missions will now offer the player a choice between 3 Medals of Commendation or 3 Decurion Isotope Stabilizers for completion.
Bosses in Story Flashpoints will still drop Decurion Isotope Stabilizers.

Gear Stat Adjustments

We have made some changes to stats offered by gear in order to give players a better experience and to open up more opportunities to customize your build. For most players, if you continue to follow the named set for your Combat Style you should see better performance for your class.

As a reminder, these are the suggested sets for your Combat Style Discipline
  • Targeter’s Gear
    • Marksman
    • Engineering
    • Virulence
    • Concealment
    • Lethality
    • Sharpshooter
    • Saboteur
    • Dirty Fighting
    • Scrapper
    • Ruffian
  • Mender’s Gear
    • Medicine
    • Sawbones
  • Boltblaster’s Gear
    • Pyrotech
    • Advanced Prototype
    • Arsenal
    • Innovative Ordnance
    • Plasmatech
    • Tactics
    • Gunnery
    • Assault Specialist
  • Med-Tech’s Gear
    • Bodyguard
    • Combat Medic
  • Demolisher’s Gear
    • Shield Tech
    • Shield Specialist
  • Force-Lord’s Gear
    • Deception
    • Hatred
    • Lightning
    • Madness
    • Infiltration
    • Serenity
    • Telekinetics
    • Balance
  • Force-Healer’s Gear
    • Corruption
    • Seer
  • Duelist’s Gear
    • Darkness
    • Kinetic Combat
  • Pummeler’s Gear
    • Vengeance
    • Rage
    • Annihilation
    • Carnage
    • Fury
    • Vigilance
    • Focus
    • Watchman
    • Combat
    • Concentration
  • Bulwark’s Gear
    • Immortal
    • Defence

Advanced Gearing: Customizing Your Build

For players who want greater control over their builds, we are varying the distribution of tertiary stats across different gear pieces

What does that mean?

For example: The head piece from the Targeter’s set will have Accuracy as a stat while the head piece from the Mender’s set will contain Crit as a stat. This allows players to equip pieces of gear from other sets in order to adjust their stats as desired. For these players we have included a table showing which gear slots align with which stats below.
  • Targeter’s:
    • Chest - Alacrity
    • Feet - Accuracy
    • Hands - Alacrity
    • Head - Accuracy
    • Legs - Crit
  • Mender's:
    • Chest - Crit
    • Feet - Alacrity
    • Hands - Alacrity
    • Head - Crit
    • Legs - Alacrity
  • Boltblaster's:
    • Chest - Accuracy
    • Feet - Alacrity
    • Hands - Crit
    • Head - Alacrity
    • Legs - Accuracy
  • Med-Tech's:
    • Chest - Alacrity
    • Feet - Crit
    • Hands - Crit
    • Head - Alacrity
    • Legs - Crit
  • Demolisher's:
    • Chest - Shield
    • Feet - Shield
    • Hands - Shield
    • Head - Absorb
    • Legs - Absorb
  • Force-Lord's:
    • Chest - Accuracy
    • Feet - Alacrity
    • Hands - Crit
    • Head - Accuracy
    • Legs - Alacrity
  • Force-Healer's:
    • Chest - Crit
    • Feet - Crit
    • Hands - Alacrity
    • Head - Crit
    • Legs - Alacrity
  • Duelist's:
    • Chest - Absorb
    • Feet - Absorb
    • Hands - Absorb
    • Head - Shield
    • Legs - Shield
  • Pummeler's:
    • Chest - Alacrity
    • Feet - Crit
    • Hands - Accuracy
    • Head - Alacrity
    • Legs - Accuracy
  • Bulwark's:
    • Chest - Absorb
    • Feet - Shield
    • Hands - Shield
    • Head - Shield
    • Legs - Absorb
Waist and Wrist pieces are not listed as those pieces do not contain the relevant stats.

Wrapping it up: Thank you!

We will continue watching your feedback to identify any improvements to the gearing system. Thank you again to everyone who has tested the 7.0 gearing on the PTS and provided feedback, as well as an early thank you to those who will be playing the Legacy of the Sith expansion when it arrives. We’re excited to bring this expansion to you all, and can’t wait to enjoy it with you!
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