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#2 Items that will be removed at 7.0

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 11.02.2022 10:49AM
Hi all,

Clarifying some info and answering a couple questions that came in from the thread.

Tacticals listed are being removed because their effects moved into Class Ability Packages, are not working as intended, or encouraged negative gameplay such as Go to Sleep and Fanged God Form respectively. Because Class Abilities will be receiving the effects of the Tacticals being removed, new Tacticals will not be added.

Crystal of Nightmare Fury is being removed because players have the ability to become stronger in 7.0 more than they have been able to in previous updates.

The Spoils of War achievements requiring Tacticals that will be removed have been adjusted to no longer require said Tacticals.

The schematics that would be needed to craft Tacticals will not be able to be purchased from Kai Zykken.

French and German translations of the listed items have been created.
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