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#5 Still have Saboteur bug with Relentless Ambitions despite today's patch.

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 11.02.2022 10:49AM
Hi folks,

An update regarding this bug has been posted in the following thread: Relentless Ambitions STILL bugged for saboteurs.

Quote: Originally Posted by JackieKo View Post
Hi all,

A fix will be implemented in 7.0, but please read the below carefully.

This intended player experience path will only apply to new characters not existing ones.

Players that are past the previous quest will still see the briefing scene. Though this does not match up with the choice that was made, these characters' stories will not be impacted, so they can continue on their journey.
To avoid multiple threads about the same subject, I'll close this one and invite you to post in the one where the update has been posted.
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