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Deception and Hatred Assassin/Infiltration and Serenity Shadow Set Bonus Discussion

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 13.07.2015 12:45PM
Hey everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to reach out to the community to collect ideas on set bonuses. We are looking for opinions on current and previous set bonuses as well as concepts for future. This thread will cover Deception and Hatred Assassins/Infiltration and Serenity Shadows.

Note: Our intent is to have set bonuses not increase DPS by more than 5%. Please keep this in mind when posting your suggestions.

Current Level 60 Set Bonuses (for reference)
  • 2-Piece: Ball Lightning and Leeching Strike or Psychokinetic Blast and Serenity Strike increase damage dealt by 2% for 15 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 of seconds.
  • 4-Piece: Reduces the cooldown of Recklessness or Force Potency by 15 seconds.
  • 6-Piece: After activating Voltaic Slash and Thrash or Clairvoyant Strike and Double Strike your next Assassinate and Maul or Spinning Strike and Shadow Strike will critically hit. This effect can only occur once every minute.
Cheers, all!
The SWTOR Combat Team
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