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August Livestream Wrap-up

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 26.08.2015 07:14PM
Hey folks!

As mentioned before, he is a quick wrap-up of what was discussed on the livestream earlier this evening. First off, you can watch the archived version of the stream yourself, right here (part 1) (part 2).

We opened by showing the intro to Chapter 3, along with playing through portions of it to highlight some key choices that can be made, new environments, etc. After that we took on some of the more commonly asked questions around Companions in Knights of the Fallen Empire. Here they are:

What happens to my existing Companions in KotFE?
When Fallen Empire launches, all of your existing Companions remain accessible to you outside of the story Chapters. In the KotFE story there is a specific cast of characters that is a part of that ongoing storyline.

Is there more combat customization for Companions?
Absolutely, in fact every Companion can now choose any role you choose at any time; healer, tank, or DPS.

How does gear come into play here?
Starting in KotFE your Companion's power and stats scale with your level, regardless of the gear they are wearing. However, you can still use gear to determine exactly how your Companions will look. (note: this is not a part of Appearance Designer)

What about all of that Affection I farmed for my Companions?
We haven't forgotten the relationships you've built; the affection you earned will not be lost and the relationships you built will continue to be relevant.

If you have more Companion questions, feel free to ask them in this thread. We will work to answer them throughout the rest of the week. Keep in mind of course that we will not answer spoilery questions. Finally, we ended the stream with a video clip from Chapter 1 of Fallen Empire which shows an important decision made around one of the character's Companions. Sparing any spoilers, check out the archive for the clip.

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