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#2 August Livestream Wrap-up

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.08.2015 08:30AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Excise View Post
Good stream.

Question #1: Without naming specific companions (we'll use Companion Bob), did I understand the stream correctly and that the below is a possibility:

Companion Bob was a classic Companion. In KotFE, Companion Bob does not return story-wise. Despite that, I can still summon Companion Bob for adventuring purposes.

Is the above understanding correct?

Question #2: Will any new companions have conversation quests?

Question #3: Will any old companions have new conversation quests?
Question #1 - That understanding is correct.

Question #2/3 - Are you specifically talking like "in your cantina or on your ship" type conversations? Or just dialog directly with that Companion?
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