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#2 Crafting Changes in Fallen Empire

Originally Posted by NickAvola ( Original Post ) | 07.10.2015 03:27PM
Hey, team! Long time no see

A lot of great questions here. I'll pass along some clarification from the Developers, regarding the endgame crafting portion of this blog:

"There will be two new endgame purple mats:
Conquest Mat called Strategic Resource Matrix.
Operation Mat called Dark Matter Catalyst.

The Conquest Mat can only be acquired by completing your personal conquest goal.
The Operation Mat can only be acquired by killing bosses in Operations.

The Conquest Mat is used to craft Endgame equivalent gear. This gear is initially trainable from your trainer. You can then reverse engineer it to Storymode-equivalent gear, and again to Hardmode-equivalent gear.
This gear is un-moddable, Bind-on-Equip, and slightly better than the gear found on the vendors.
Mods and Relics cannot be crafted.

The Operation Mat is used to craft raid gear and mods. This gear requires you to acquire the raid item first to reverse engineer.
Only Mods, Relics, Implants, and Earpieces can be crafted with this material.
Unlike previous versions, the empty raid shells are not reverse engineerable."

Hope that helps -- keep the feedback coming!

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