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Downtime Funtime

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 09.02.2016 01:32PM
Hey folks,

So, here we are together enjoying some server downtime. Let's have a little fun. As many of you know, the unstable lightsaber is a thing that is coming out today and I am very excited for it (along with Chapter X of course). In its honor, what do you say I give away some Cartel Coins while we wait.

I have done this game once before but lets revisit the rules. First, each time I post I will add some codes that you can redeem for Cartel Coins. Only the first person who snags them will get the coins so be quick! Second, I will ask random questions. First to answer the question, I will PM them a code.

I will wait a few minutes, gather your friends, let the Cartel Coins rain.

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