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#3 Bugged 100% HM FP Achievement - 87% Done?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 11.08.2016 05:11PM
Originally Posted by Harringtonn View Post
Thank you for the update. But I (and I expect many others) have to ask.

If you have a fix, why wait until 4.7.1 to roll it out? You guys frequently do back-end maintenance and can probably implement this in a very brief server reset.

Please ask the powers-that-be to consider an immediate implementation. Remind them the final completion was already delayed by 3 weeks when Chapter 16 was pushed back. Now, for those of us who did all of the work, it is only - and unfairly - being delayed further.

Please reply so we aren't left to speculate...
Fair question, I am happy to try to provide some clarification. When we say something like "back-end maintenance," that typically means that we are changing something that doesn't require a patch. The fix for this issue will require a patch/maintenance, and so it unfortunately goes beyond just a quick server restart.

The current plan is that we will have a maintenance on Tuesday of next week, which is where we will deploy a fix to the issue. I will pass on more information as I have it.

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