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Hackers on the rise "again"

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.09.2016 08:33AM
Originally Posted by Icykill_ View Post
Hackers in pvp are on the rise again. Once again a slow response from Bioware or in some cases no response. There have been 3 or more threads created in the pvp section in the last few weeks. Pretty much the same people who are cheating on multiple accounts to troll people and to also troll Bioware 😢

Eric, I know you can't or won't publicly discuss on going investigations or name and shame specific people.
But can we have some sort of statement or community communication to say that this behaviour is not tolerated. The silence on this issue has been deafening. Its been happening for years and I've only ever seen one announcement back during the first year of the game.

Please put something on the login screen reminding people that cheating the game is breaking the rules and will be delt with.

I watched your interview with Snave a few months ago where you commented that you never fully perma a ban an account for cheating. That is a policy you guys need to revisit. There should be zero tolerance for cheats using hacks, exploiting code or lag switching.
This lax policy you have is no deterrent.
It's always the same people or their friends that partake in this bad behaviour, but the lax deterrent is only encouraging more to try it.

Lastly, we have a diminished pvp population now, so these guys really stand out more. When you pop match after match with them it drives even more of the population away.

Please address this issue and communicate with us to restore some faith. As it stands, this issue has been festering with lots of us for a long time. I know it's a reason many of my friends have stopped playing and why I have reached the end of my patience on this issue too and it won't belong before I stop playing as well.
Hey Icy,

Any time that you see someone you suspect to be cheating in PvP do two things:
  1. Immediately report them in-game.
  2. Send Tait, myself, or both a PM with their details (server, character name, etc)
We always investigate these issues right away and take appropriate action. As a note, you mentioned that I had said that we won't permanently suspend an account for cheating/hacking. I hope I didn't say that, since it is not correct . Repeated or severe users of cheats/hacks have been and will be permanently banned.

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