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#3 Maintenance: 29 November 2016

Originally Posted by TaitWatson ( Original Post ) | 23.11.2016 09:30AM
Originally Posted by SerraShar View Post
to @TaitWatson: any reasons why the forum also go on maintenance? I mean , I know that's how it has always been . But I never asked lol so I'm asking now . Why the forum kick everyone out when Maintenance is on ? I should be the best place for peoples to hang around when they are waiting for it to end . No ?
That's a fair question!

The reason is that we have to bring down the forums is because we have to make updates to a backend system we call "platform." This includes things like user accounts and the various systems we use to flag accounts for different levels of access (e.g. "This account is a subscriber and can use the forums.") When you log into the website/forums, platform is pinged to determine your level of access. If it's down, it can't do that. So when we need to make changes to platform, the web and forum have to be down.

That's the long form version of "You wouldn't be able to log in anyway."
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