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#2 Downtime: 30 November 2016

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 30.11.2016 10:45AM
Hey folks!

All servers are now live! Let's talk about why we did this quick maintenance. The Planetary Missions button in Galactic Command has had its functionality turned off to address a bug. The intent is to address the underlying issue and turn the functionality back on during our launch maintenance on Friday.

The reason we made this change is a bug where if someone pressed the Planetary Mission button there was a chance it could automatically complete some Missions. Meaning that by simply pressing the button, they could receive CXP. Additionally if someone declined the pop-up they would receive a new set of Missions which could continue this effect.

The actual effect of this bug is fairly minimal as it only impacted a limited amount of Planetary Missions. We are not taking action against individuals who experienced this bug. I also want to thank everyone for being discrete about the nature of this bug as we received quite a lot of personal messages indicating what was happening. That allowed us to isolate and address the issue quickly.

Thanks everyone!

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