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Fractured Uprising VETERAN Bug

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 13.01.2017 02:10PM
Hey folks,

Lets talk about the Fractured Uprising, and the current bug that exists in it. There is currently an issue with the first boss, Lord Anril, where in certain situations he will instantly kill himself. This has raised quite a few questions, so we want to address them:

Is it an exploit to use this bug to progress quicker through the Uprising?
Yes it is. You are using a bug to gain an unintended advantage over other players.

Does this mean I am going to get banned for doing it?
In this case, we are not going to take action against individuals who use this exploit. There are two reasons. First, the Fractured Uprising regardless of this exploit is one of the best sources of CXP compared to the other Uprisings. Players who care solely about gaining Command Ranks as fast as possible, would likely be grinding this Uprising anyway. Second, it is possible that this bug can happen on its own without someone trying to make it happen. And although we could tell the difference between accidental use and constant abuse, we dont want to punish people for simply playing an Uprising with no intention of exploiting.

When will it be fixed?
Currently the bug with Lord Anril is slated to be fixed on 1/24 with Game Update 5.1.

My default reminder, if you discover an exploit please let us know privately and immediately stop using it. Although we will not take action against this exploit, the rules I outlined here are still in place. Should an exploit be discovered, please refrain from using it or you risk action being taken against you up to and including account closure.

Thanks everyone.

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